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VIPRO Product Showcase

  • 2014 NVR Models
    Published by VIPRO INC - 15 May 2014

    Introducing the new line up of VIPRO Network Video Recorder (NVR).  Custom built for dependability in any commercial environment, these NVR's will out perform the competition! Come and check them out!

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  • VIPRO Software Products for Today

    Advanced Video Security:  For any size project and any budget,  Vipro Express, Vipro LE, Vipro PRO and Vipro ENT can manage your  megapixel IP cameras in our dynamic open platforms.  Over 1000 installations worldwide! HDTV RecordingWhen audio and video are required in your professional environment, Vipro TVR software will manage up to 16 camera streams simultaneously!  Currently being used for police interrogations, Drug testing protocol verification, and event special recordingsNOTE:  VIPRO can also build your turnkey solution, per-install software and pre-configure all components to ship for a custom plug and play installation!  Call 913 548-1311 to discuss yours needs today!

The 2013 Nebula

The NVR100

Competition ready right out of the box.
Perfection is in our nature.


Supports up to 4 cameras.
BMX is Back.


10 or 20 cameras ready to go.